Learn 5 Opportunities in Times of Coronavirus (Covid-19)

I hope everyone is doing okay and staying positive during this strange time. I've been thinking about the state of the world and have been doing my best to remain aware of the status of COVID-19 while continue to be creative and inspire you all. We, as a brand have developed this list of 5 opportunities this difficult time might have for many of you, think about it as the time you never have before to start crossing off your old to-do list. So, here it is:

1. Adapt to New Challenges 

The only constant is Change. We are living difficult times but this doesn't mean we cannot adapt to them. On the contrary we have the capacity to continue evolving as human beings while reinventing ourselves.

2. Find a Side Hustle

Some 57.3 million Americans currently freelance, according to Freelancing in America: 2017 (FIA). All told, freelancers account for 36 percent of the U.S. workforce, and the $1.4 trillion they contribute to the U.S. economy each year represents an increase of nearly 30 percent since last year.

Side Hustle

3. Time for Yourself

You might spend it doing something for yourself, or working, or anything else. You can spend it doing something that benefits yourself and only yourself. Go for a bike ride, read a new book, cook something delicious

Loving Yourself is a daily practice

4. Learn a New Skill

Your brain chemistry changes....Your learning speed increases. ...You make connections between skill areas. ...You become a more interesting person. ...It fights boredom. ...You adapt better to change. ...You could stave off dementia.

5. Support Small Business

From groceries, clothing, services, take-out, to getting supplies to fix or work on a DIY project, supporting local farmers, hardware stores, supermarkets, and restaurants will allow business owners to keep their staff, provide for their families and keep adding value to you.

It's definitely a radical time for all of us. As an entrepreneur is important to find calm during chaos, we can always create new opportunities for us and others.

Love you all, 



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